Friday, March 17, 2017

Love Your King

Before God calls you to be a good mother, He would definitely call you to be a good wife.
The Church is the bride of Christ. And God expects the church to be a good wife before the church multiplies.
The calling goes to next level, when you serve the first one faithfully.
You can be a mother but not necessarily a good mother when you fail on your first and foremost calling.
The most important commandment given in the new testament: "Love your God".
There are many people living in deception. Your relation with your Husband should be your priority. Church(Pastors/Ministers/Evangelists & etc.) Before you plan to multiply (in other words, when you plan to win people for Christ) make sure your relationship with Christ is strong enough. 
If your relationship with the King is not very strong you might be left with the empty Nest. A woman who is evil to her Husband and expects to be a Good Mother is living in deception because ultimately, she will have an empty nest.
Similarly, if we are not loving our KING and if we get too busy in the preaching, teaching, accounting and etc., we need to examine ourselves because success comes from Him.

What's the next step you feel God is asking you to take? 

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